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It was so cool to see Betul again. Hadn’t seen her in 12 years and she still looks the same. We went to her place (gorgeous) in Port Melbourne, then went out for food and drinks. It was still sunny then (but cold; around 15C)  so we sat outside on a patio and had a great time catching up.

The next 3 days we spent in Melbourne, but didn’t do all that much. On Saturday morning we went to the South Melbourne market and bought lots of really yummy food and wine.

In the afternoon we went for a long walk on the beach all the way to St. Kilda and Betul made dinner that night. Yes! I had kangaroo meat. It was delicious. Can’t compare the taste to anything else but it was yummy.

On Sunday we just chilled out for a bit. In the afternoon we went to Betul’s parents, who also live in Melbourne. Great seeing them again. We had a really nice time playing music with her dad, who builds xylophones, playing billiards, eating her mom’s food and just chilling out.

On Monday we went for another beach walk to St. Kilda but it was cold and rainy. To me this was great exercise though so I didn’t feel all too guilty about pigging out at her parents’ place the night before.

Then we loaded up the van with surfboards, painting supplies and all the rest of the stuff in preparation for our stay in Tasmania.

Sorry about the lack of photographs. Just haven’t taken all that many.

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