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Posted in krabi town, thailand by moonwire on August 9, 2009

Though Phi Phi was absolutely beautiful, and I could have spent another day or two there, I did feel the need to travel on, away from the beach.

So after two nights, I decided to take the ferry back, not to Phuket, but to Krabi and spend a few days in Krabi town and then move on to Bangkok for a few days.

The ride back wasn’t as bad as the one to Phi Phi, though at one point it felt like the boat was going to capsize. Really scary. I am not a big fan of boats as it is, especially not when the waters are that rough. I hope I won’t have to take another boat any time soon.

Krabi is a mellow little town. Not much going on, other than that it’s a departure point for boats to islands like Ko Lanta and Ko Phi Phi. I had had a few rain showers in Phi Phi but it was nothing like I would encounter in Krabi. Here it rains on and off all day. And when it rains, it really rains. The sky erupts usually very suddenly and then it comes down by the truck load, usually for 5 to 20 minutes. Then it stops, the sun might come out again, or not, until the next outburst.

I basically spent my time here walking around town, visiting the night market and hanging out at the pier. There’s a few decent little bars and restaurants with cheap, good food. Because of the rain it was hard to photograph here, not that there was anything really good to shoot anyways.

I did enjoy walkiing around here but now it’s time to move on to Bangkok for a few nights, then on to Kanchanaburi. Hoping to find a more photogenic town than Krabi and hopefully less rain, but the latter is most certainly wishful thinking.

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