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The trip back from Bukittinggi to Padang was not nearly as bad as the one to Bukittinggi. I had arranged a ride in a minivan through the hotel and though we picked up some more people, everybody had a seat. I was sitting next to a physician from Jakarta, who had studied in Holland and we spoke Dutch together. Even though it had been many years since she had been there, her Dutch was very good. And it made the ride go by very quickly.

I had to wait at the airport for a few hours, but it wasn’t bad. A bit of a delay, but that seems to be the common theme. The flight to Kuala Lumpur was fine. I was coming down with something though so I didn’t feel too good, but I was so happy to arrive at the Tune Hotel to find a lovely room with the best shower ever.  Clean water! I took several very long, hot showers. Happy.

The flight to Phuket was fun. Not a lot of people on board and while we flew along the Andaman coast I had some stunning views of all the islands. There’s some really good beaches there as well as huge limestone rocks sticking out of the water. Really beautiful. At the airport I took a minivan to Kata where my hotel was and that was another nice surprise.

Northern part of Hat Kata (Kata beach).

Really happy with the hotel. A really big king size bed and a great bathroom and balcony.

I had definitely a really bad cold so I felt kind of crappy the first few days. Absolutely no energy, no desire to eat. I just wanted to sleep and read on the bed. Couldn’t have timed it better because Kata is definitely not my thing. I haven’t felt so strongly in both directions about a place so far. I love it and I hate it.

The beach is absolutely gorgeous, with warm, clean water, good waves. Big, white, sandy beach. Lovely for walks in the surf.  As I said, my room is absolutely fantastic, I love it, but Kata itself…. ugh. Maybe it’s because it’s the wet season and there’s not that many tourists, but a lot of businesses are closed for the season. There’s not too many people walking around so there’s a bit of a ghostly vibe. Besides that, there’s a strip to right of me with a lot of little hooker bars. Not that it bothers me, but it’s kind of sad to see those young girls sitting there in their tight shorts and skirts, wearing trashy heels trying to entertain (and make money off of) some white middle aged bald guy with a gut hanging out of his shorts.

There’s something for everyone here. The Pussy Station bar and Cockers cover a few of the bases.

To the left, about a 10 minute walk, that’s where the resorts are. Different vibe. Expensive stores and restaurants. Not really my thing, either.

What I miss here is a lovely little cafe to grab some good, cheap lunch and hang out or have a beer at night (btw, I don’t like Singha beer. There must be something better here. It’s got a really hoppy aftertaste. Not like Bintang!). It just doesn’t seem to exist.

Sandwich from 7-11. I guess ‘delicious’ is all too subjective. Didn’t think so!

So basically, I’ve used my week in Phuket to sleep, read, chill out, walk on the beach and do laundry (I washed all my clothes. The water here is clean. You have no idea how nice it is to wash clothes and have them not smell like a sewer.)

I knew I had forgotten something; left my jacket lift at home…

Though I’m pretty much beached out for now, I will still go to Ko Phi Phi for a few days. Just because I’m curious if it’s really that pretty. If the tourist numbers are anything like here in Phuket, it should be alright.

Also, funny thing, because it’s the wet season here, I expected rain. In the week I’ve been here I’ve only had rain once, at night. During the day there’s some clouds, but it’s mostly been sunny.

Hat Karon, the beach just North of Kata. Not as nice as Kata, though.

However, I can’t help compare this to Bali. Yes, the beaches are better and you don’t get harassed by every vendor here, but there’s something magic about Bali and its people that isn’t found here. Though this is a place I’m not very likely to return to, I enjoyed chilling out here. It served its purpose and I’m ready to explore a more real Thailand. Yeah, I know I won’t find it in Phi Phi, but hopefully after, when I travel north.

Sorry about the boring post and pictures. Hopefully some better stuff soon.

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